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About us

The Ontario Caregiver Coalition is the voice of caregivers in Ontario. We advocate for recognition and support for the family, friends and neighbours whose unpaid care is the hidden backbone of Ontario’s health system.

The Ontario Caregiver Coalition has been working to advocate for caregivers since 2009 and has been incorporated as a not-for-profit organization since 2018. Our membership includes caregivers, care providers, and health charities across the province and organizations. 

Our mission is to improve the lives of caregivers by advocating for fair access to needed support. Our vision is for an Ontario where caregivers feel valued, respected, recognized and supported. 

Need Help Right Now?
Ontario Caregiver Organization (OCO)
24/7 Helpline     Phone:  1-833-416-2273 

Discover hundreds of video resources and tutorials created specifically for family caregivers like you. 

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